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We can speak English and we offer you:

  • If you want to buy a home in Alicante, call us or see our website: we offer you a comprehensive list of apartments, flats, villas, with detailed photos of the properties and updated every day.
  • Please, tell us what are you looking for. We will select for you the best according with your preferences and budget.
  • We will advise at all times, and, if you desire, we will seek the best possible financing.
  • Our agency is incharge for any procedure and administrative step required to finalize the purchase and will continue this service even once has finished.
  • If you didn't find what you need on this website, enter the search page HABITALE wherw you can also see all the properties of our partners in the HABITALE network.
  • We offer the valuation of your property, according in its characteristics (location, age, building quality, conservation state, degree offer and demand in the area, average of similar real estate market prices).
  • We will introduce the property in the software of our HABITALE.COM network, which will be offered also in all associated agencies, contracted by the network.
  • Photographic reportage of the property with optimal quality.
  • Advertising on Internet and other media outlets.
  • Advice and management of the fiscal, legal, notarial formalities necessary to follow in the sale of the property.
  • Purchase of any documents required and coordination for the signing of deed with the Bank.
  • We search clients in our portfolio of demands and with those agencies associated in the network HABITALE.COM .
  • We search housing, local or property among our wide offer of all the APIs associated to the network HABITALE.COM.
  • We look for obtaining mortgage loan with different banks, in order to get the most advantageous conditions for our customers. Processing of certificates of communities of owners, be current in the payment of fees and levies, energetic eficience certificate, etc.
  • We look for good tenants, with references.
  • We elaborate the contract of the lease, and translate for you.
  • Preparation of Environmental municipal licenses, opening and second occupation.
  • We will fix breakdowns and contingencies that they might arise during the entire period of the contract.
  • Have you inherited a house in Spain? We have large experience in the legal and tax handling of inheritances for resident and non-resident persons in Spain.
    In addition, we can find a buyer for your property